Summer Survivors – Beat the Heat!




When other annuals are wilting in the heat, Zinnias, Vinca Periwinkle, Portulaca, and Gazania love to bask in the sun.  These plants can be planted later, either as late plantings or replacement plantings, and will thrive if given at least minimal attention.

ZINNIA ‘Profusion Mix’

Zinnia Close upZinniz Wide shot

We have Profusion Series Zinnias, an AAS award winner, known for its high degree of disease tolerance and offering a continuous flower canopy with a self-cleaning habit, and it blooms over an extended period of time.  These plants grow to 10-12” tall and have a 12-15” spread.  We grow Cherry, Fire, Orange, White, and Mix, please call for current availability.

VINCA ‘Periwinkle’

Pink VincaWhite VincaPurple Vinca

Vinca is known for its love of the heat, drought and disease tolerance, and colorful show (even in a shadier spot).  They will grow approximately 12-14” tall and equally in spread.  As of Mid-June we have White, Pink, Raspberry, Grape, and Red, please call for up to date availability.


Portulaca Close upPortulaca Wide shot

Portulaca, a succulent ground-hugging plant is best used in a sunny location with well-drained soil.  It is the most drought tolerant of these plants and has vibrantly colorful flowers.  It works well in rock gardens and situations where deep root systems are not possible.  The colorful flowers do close up at night. As of Mid-June we have mixed flats available, please call for up to date availability.



Gazania Close upGazania Wide shot

Gazania, although not technically a succulent plant, shows almost as much drought tolerance as Portulaca.  It is best used a sunny location with well-drained soil.  The 1-2” Gazania flowers will close at night and partially close on cloudy days.