Moose & Squirrel Horticultural Resources is a new company with old,
dependable resources. We have experience in greenhouse growing, landscaping,
landscape design, special event planning, live greens, produce and business
management. When we say resources, we mean all green industry resources.
From specialty live Christmas decorations to Michigan grown produce to
filling an order for 30,000 Euonymus ‘Coloratus’ plugs.

We can help you with your green industry projects. We can help find the best
product for your job, the odd and hard to find varieties, the large
quantities or just lend a fresh set of thoughts on that problem project.

Keeping the diversity of our projects in mind, Moose & Squirrel works with
some of the best growers in the Midwest (as well as the south and west). We
are anxious to let our experience in the horticulture industry take some
pressure off you in this ever-changing business climate.

Remember, the original moose & squirrel always performed best when the chips
were down and Boris and Natasha were close behind them.

See what Moose & Squirrel can do for you.  asset.f.logo.lg