Salvia splendens ‘Grandstand’

Salvia Grandstand

While attending a Cultivate15 for greenhouses, I notice this Salvia in a 6″ pot at the Green Fuse Botanical booth. Usually we sell this type of salvia in landscaper flats. I asked what made this salvia so special it should be grown in a pot. The rep from Green Fuse told me this salvia will finish 18″ to 24″ in early spring but what makes it special is that once in flower, this salvia will not cycle. What?! That means I won’t have to look at a green, naked plant during bloom cycles – it continuously promotes new flower spikes during the growing season. That’s crazy!

Instead of growing from seed, these are grown from a cutting. We are trialing them this year (2016) in our 4.5″ annual product line .I will say this much, these little buggers a quite vigorous. They’re already starting to throw up blooms and it’s only mid April!

Salvia Splendens Red     Salvia Splendens BiColorSalvia Grandstand Overview