Begonia ‘Big’

Have you heard about the Begonia ’Big’?  Begonia ‘Big’ is a great plant for the landscape and is usually offered in 4.5” and 6” pots because of its size.  Although it was introduced a couple of years ago, it is only now gaining traction with landscapers.

Begonia ‘Big’ is a hybrid which borrows the best features from several begonia species to give you a plant with larger flowers and foliage, prolific blooms and vigorous growth.  A single plant can be planted 12” on center because of its 12-15” spread.  It has a self-cleaning habit so there is no need for deadheading.  And, like other fibrous begonias, it will thrive in the sun or shade.

Due to its size, a landscaper could plant it in a bed for a massive hedge-like planting or use it in a container as a specimen planting using a crawler of ivy or vinca vine to drape over the edge of the pot.  Colors available include:  Bronze Leaf Red, Bronze Leaf Rose, Green Leaf Red and Green Leaf Rose.