Pets vs Pests

Whitey Bulger

I found this little guy while watering begonias. I think I’ll name him Whitey Bulger. We love our frogs and toads! They’re beneficial to keeping the greenhouse pests under control. Although these little guys don’t eat the plants, they do eat the little pests greenhouse hate like aphids and whitefly. And, because we make a concerted effort to not use neonicotinoids and other harmful chemicals on our plants, we do need all the natural help we can get. Hmmm, makes you look at those toads and frog a little differently!

Grave Blankets

Below are pictures of our grave blankets.  We offer plain and decorated and can build a 3′ blanket (pillow), 4′ or 5′ blanket.  We also offer heart & cross blankets and try to accommodate special requests & designs.  We can assort the colors & decorations of the blankets and you can request certain colors for special orders. Contact us if you have any questions.

Poinsettia Blankets 006 Greens 008

5′ Grave Blankets decorated
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Fall Decorations

18" Fall Combination Mock Up

18″ Fall Combination Mock Up

We were approached by a customer to come up with a fall planter to be placed outside of an entrance.  It was their hope to have something specific for fall and Thanksgiving before bringing in a Holiday Greens Planter.  Above is the mock up we created for approval. Below is what the final product looks like outside of the entrance to the hotel.

Fall Combo Final

Begonia ‘Big’

Have you heard about the Begonia ’Big’?  Begonia ‘Big’ is a great plant for the landscape and is usually offered in 4.5” and 6” pots because of its size.  Although it was introduced a couple of years ago, it is only now gaining traction with landscapers.

Begonia ‘Big’ is a hybrid which borrows the best features from several begonia species to give you a plant with larger flowers and foliage, prolific blooms and vigorous growth.  A single plant can be planted 12” on center because of its 12-15” spread.  It has a self-cleaning habit so there is no need for deadheading.  And, like other fibrous begonias, it will thrive in the sun or shade.

Due to its size, a landscaper could plant it in a bed for a massive hedge-like planting or use it in a container as a specimen planting using a crawler of ivy or vinca vine to drape over the edge of the pot.  Colors available include:  Bronze Leaf Red, Bronze Leaf Rose, Green Leaf Red and Green Leaf Rose.